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PUC Votes to Increase Energy Rates by 47% on Friday, September 23, 2022.

After attending Public Utility Commission (PUC) hearings and voicing strong opposition to the proposed energy rate hikes, I was pained to watch the proposal get approved. This extreme rate hike has dangerous implications and will result in insurmountable financial burdens for low-income and working class people and families across our state. 


I'm concerned for my neighbors because they can't simply reduce their energy use by 50% this winter. I'm concerned for the folks on fixed-incomes who already struggle budgeting due to recent inflation cost increases. I'm concerned for the families with children when they have to choose between keeping their kids warm, feeding everyone in the family, and paying rent. I'm concerned for our seniors and those with disabilities who will be burdened with rising energy costs to choose between keeping their oxygen machines running and keeping the heat on during our coldest winter storms.

Your fight is my fight. That's why I'm fighting to hold RI Energy accountable for breaking their promise not to raise rates. That's why I'm fighting to pass the Percentage Income Payment Plans (PIPP) to mitigate the impacts of energy bill debt for low-income and working class homes. That's why I'm fighting to cap RI Energy's profit margin at 6% by repealing the 10% profit cap increase. That's why I'm fighting to make the wealthy corporation, RI Energy, absorb the supply-chain related cost increases and put people before profit.

As your State Senator, I pledge to vote against any proposed PUC appointees unless I'm confident that they would put people before profits and I pledge to only support appointees who will vote against rate hikes.

Your Fight is My Fight. 

Jennifer Rourke

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