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What We Offer

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Our policies are written for the community, by the community. 

Platform for Change

Healthcare for All

  • Enact Medicare-for-All style universal healthcare

  • Build on the 2021 Doula Reimbursement Act to continue fighting medical racism and prioritizing maternal health

  • Ensure that abortion is free, safe, and accesible for all Rhode Islanders

  • Take on big pharma to make prescription drugs affordable

  • Expand state healthcare to ensure that all residents have mental, dental, hearing, and vision care

Low-Income & Affordable Housing for All

  • Build 10,000 green affordable homes for working families

  • Lower utility costs by investing in renewable energy

  • Create pathways to homeownership for working families

  • Eviction moratorium throughout the pandemic and prohibit rent increases of more than 4% in a year

Equal Justice For All

  • Legalize cannabis and invest profits in Black and Brown communities. Prioritize those directly harmed by the War on Drugs for cannabis licenses.

  • End for profit prisons in Rhode Island (like the Wyatt Center)

  • End cash bail 

  • End family separations and provide drivers’ licenses to undocumented Rhode Islanders

  • Increase police accountability and invest in mental health and addiction services

Democracy For All

  • Make election day a statewide holiday

  • Repeal the voter ID law

  • Get big money out of politics

  • End the corrupt redistricting process


Just Economy For All

  • Eliminate the corporate minimum tax, which is a harmful policy for small business owners

  • Support policies to make it easier to do business in RI and so that local business can compete in the current market

  • Enact a healthcare program with lower costs so small businesses can provide affordable health benefits and hire a skilled, stable workforce

  • Pass living wage legislation that includes tipped workers

  • Help local businesses recover from the pandemic

  • Provide tax relief for the middle-class, those with disabilities, retirees, veterans, and the elderly

  • Repeal the tax cuts on the wealthiest and enact a fairer tax structure for everyone


Quality Education for All

  • Ensure free, high-quality child care for all working families

  • Make quality education a constitutional right in the state of Rhode Island

  • Reduce class sizes and increase teacher’s pay to at least $60,000 per year 

  • Renovate and expand our crumbling public school buildings so every child can learn in a clean, safe and healthy environment

  • Increase staff support and funding for students with disabilities

  • Remove SROs and increase mental health and counseling staff

Green New Deal

  • Make Rhode Island the first state in the country to achieve 100% clean electricity by 2028 and net zero emissions by 2040.

  • Shut down polluting industries that poison our air, water, and soil. Create thousands of new high-paying union jobs in green industries. 

  • Build 10,000 green, affordable homes for working families.

  • Lower utility costs for low and middle income families through installing solar panels on 50,000 homes

  • Expand public transportation, electrify all buses, make all public transportation clean, accessible and free.

Poor little Black and Brown kids from the projects like me are not supposed to run for office. But here I am. Fighting for people that I don’t even know.

Jennifer Rourke

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